First Days as a Youngie on Sea Term

First Days as a Youngie on Sea Term

So we have been underway for only a few days so far, and yet I feel like I have been on a ship my entire life. The days have been blending together, but the experience that we are taking away is nonetheless one that I know I will be talking about for the rest of my life. A few days ago I learned all about the contaminated water onboard the ship and how it is filtered. Every division goes through a rotation of Watch, Maintence, Training, and Alternate.

Today we had training and learned about Seamanship, which is mainly knots and splices on the ship. It’s important that we learn it so we do it correctly. On top of learning different knots, we went over firefighting and familiarizing ourselves with the hoses onboard the ship as well as the fire safety plans. It is pretty intense to think about what you would do in case of a fire, but it made me feel better to learn more about where everything is because the ship to me can be so confusing.

Once we are finished with our duties of the day, we get chow [breakfast, lunch, dinner etc.] and then normally have the entire night to ourselves. We like to hang out in the galley [where we eat], and talk about our day, or play games. Sometimes we go outside and look at the sunset or stars. I don’t think I’ve seen anything as beautiful as a sunset or sunrise underway. No one wakes us up, or looks over our shoulder for everything; we are relied upon.

Throughout first semester, the “youngies” have an upperclassmen constantly watching them and making sure they don’t play around or hassling us to stick to a schedule. While we are on Sea Term we have a schedule too, and we work hard throughout the day, but we are granted a hard-earned downtime—on a sunny beach in the Caribbean!

I think one of the hardest things for me to adjust to so far has been not being about to talk to anyone at home. I miss my family and friends so much, but there’s a lot keep myself busy so that make it much easier. I have such a great respect for mariners, sailors, and marines alike. I can’t wait to get to Curacao in 10 days! It’s going to be fun.

-4/C Jordan Megee

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