Getting Ready to Set Sail

Today is the official first day of sea term. All of the 1/C [B]rates,[/B] or seniors who have specific jobs to do on the ship, reported this morning at 0800 (8:00 am) to begin prepping the ship for all the other cadets that are coming on in a couple days. First, we were debriefed by Capt. Bushy on what we need to do, and what is expected of us, as the student leaders aboard the [I]TS[/I] [I]Kennedy[/I]. We began our day by having everyone pitch in to move on all the food and cooking supplies that will be needed, at least for the next few days. Many more shipments of food will keep coming in the next few days—there are a lot of mouths to feed aboard! Other duties, such as getting the warm water running, were done all day by every single rate.

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