NEO for NOAA next week!

I’ve accepted final offer of employment and I’m officially starting February 28th but it’s not being held in Norfolk Va. we are doing orientation virtually. I’m not sure how soon after that I’ll go to my chosen ship but I am excited :blush:


Good for you.
I remember being excited but it was a long time ago.


I’ve been a merchant marine since 2005 my excitement has never worn off. We will see this time around

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Then it’s time you learned that you are a merchant mariner, and not a marine.


I grew up in the home of a merchant marine and he was from back when it was a z card he was called a merchant marine, that was my father he’s done it all my life and that’s what I was told and have used the terms interchangeably

Also why do schools call it merchant marine schools instead of merchant mariner schools. I never said I was a marine I said I was a merchant marine huge difference

And besides you can’t kill my joy :star_struck:


“The Merchant Marine” refers to the totality of merchant seafarers, or a specific body of such, e.g., the student body of a Merchant Marine Academy. Individual members of the merchant marine are merchant mariners. Your father may have been an excellent seafarer, but he was never a merchant marine, unless he suffered from a multiple personality disorder.

And I’m not trying to “steal your joy,” but details matter in proportion to the pride you take in your work. I’ve worked with many fine seafarers, but when they call the galley a “kitchen,” it dulls their shine just a smidge.

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Well ok point taken and no need to say my father suffered from multiple personalities that’s what I knew growing up. And yes I call galley a galley and bulkheads are bulkheads port and starboard side I get it it’s pounded into my head and I never call a ships restroom a restroom I’ve always said head. Lots of others I’m not thinking of right now.

Sorry if I was dickish. I’m two months into my hitch and working with some real whoppers… I guess I should just calm down. Serenity now!

Ok cool. My father definitely didn’t support me in my journey he didn’t want me on ship with him so I had to figure it out on my own like where to get training where to and how to get mmc get a passport. He believed women didn’t belong on ship but I’m hard headed lol so i did it anyways. Once I did it on my own he jumped at the chance to have bragging rights lol :laughing:

Commendable initiative on your part, and I congratulate you on your new billet. I hope your passion for your work is contagious amongst your shipmates, as all too many of them become cynical, myself included these days. But cynicism is cheap, and makes one bitter. It’s far better to find the joy and excitement in little victories and small details, the beauty in the quotidian. I hope you may never lose it.


Thanks I hope not either

Chin up, keep calm and carry on.

Enjoy it while you can their budget is getting smaller and less seatime.


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I was broke & at the end of my rope when i got the call asking if i still wanted work. This was 1st of Jan., mid winter! I stayed till retired, went everywhere, saved $$,