Fire on Indonesian ferry Zahro Express

By Svilen Setrov - Maritime Herald

The terrible tragedy caused the death of 23 people and 17 others are still missing after Indonesia-flagged ferry Zahro Express caught fire off Untung Jawa. The ship suffered explosion and was engulfed by flames several 15 minutes after leaving the Port of Kali Adem, Muara Angke en route to Tidung Island.

The ship had 234 passengers on board and was located about 1 nautical miles off Muara Angke, when the fire erupted, which caused panic on board. Many of the people jumped overboard, while some were rescued by the rescue boats, which were dispatched to the scene of the fire. The death toll may rise as the exact number of the people is not yet confirmed by the local authorities. Currently were rescued 194 people and Coast Guard recovered the bodies of 23 deaths and know about 17 missing.

[B][U]Another article and pics. By Jewel Topsfield - Amilia Rosa - The Sydney Morning Herald[/U][/B]

[B][U]Prayers are with the victims, their families and all those affected by this terrible event.[/U][/B]