Ferry accidents in Indonesia


Indonesia, with it’s nearly 17000 islands is totally dependent on ferries for transportation of people and goods, but the standard of the ferries that trade there are mediocre at best.

Accidents are frequent and usually cause large number of deaths due to overloading and lack of life saving equipment.

During the Aidil Fitri season (Aka Kembali Kampong) when millions of Indonesians travel back to their ancestral villages for family reunion the number of accidents at sea and on the the roads usually goes up.

This year a major ferry accident was seen on Lake Toba:

A few days ago another accident happened at Selayar Island, off South Sulawesi:

Now the Government is promising to do something about it. (Again!!):

Will this change anything?? Highly unlikely, like so many other promises by so many Governments all around the world whenever there is a major accident, (or mass shooting or whatever); NOTHING.
Lots of fine words but no action is the norm everywhere.