Fire And Boat Drill proof of service?

I have heard a rumor that sailors are being denied renewal of their credentials by the USCG for not producing a separate letter from the Master stating that they have attended Fire and Abandon Ship Drills. Now this rumor is pretty sketchy but I’m wondering if anyone else has heard this rumor.

Check out 46CFR 10.227(d)(8)(D)(vi)(B)…ongoing participation in training and drills… I forget whoall needs it. but this simple addition to your sea service letter satisfies requirements to maintain your towing endorsement. I added it to the sea service request along with any other cfr references needed and also the 18 USC 1001 disclaimer. I have found it to be easier, faster, and more accurate to get these letters from the vessel with a stamp and a signature, rather than waiting on the office. I still get the office to send the drug letter.