Can I get the fingerprint card done at a local law enforcement department before I go to apply for a license upgrade or do I have to do it at the REC when I apply?

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No. Have to go to the REC.

TWIC offices will be integrated with NMC soon. Not sure when this will happen.


I had my done at an area MSO.


The REC’s no longer use fingerprint cards, they use a computer that scans your fingerprints, so you have to go by the REC. It only takes a minute and they do it the same time they swear you in so your going to be there any way.


You only have to swear in for an original issue; I believe he said renewal.


Here’s a good one…I’m keeping my Class A commercial drivers license current as it looks like I may be going back to driving for awhile…I am adding Hazardous Materials endorsement to it…

I have to go to a local TSA office and pay 89.25 for fingerprints and a back ground check…I told the lady at the TSA office that I just went through this with their Sacramento, CA office to get my TWIC card…She said didn’t matter because the TWIC is for something else…How can one Government organization provide the exact same service and not recognize it. I guess I have to remember that it’s not about the service, it’s about the money…!


Thanks for the replies, guys. I figured I’d have to do it at the REC. We wouldn’t want one government agency sharing information with another one!. I currently carry five separate forms of identification that require background checks, fingerprinting and photos.


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I had my fingerprints taken hard copy in St. Louis REC this past december. (for anyone going there, its actually in the FEDERAL BUILDING, so leave your pocket knife in your vehicle). Yet 5 years ago I had it done digitally in Boston… so much for modernization.

Yeah I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve been printed. "can’t you just look me up in AFPIS? I’m probably in there a few times? (and not for anything bad thank you!)