Finally a Flag State trying to do something

The Bahamas Flag state worked with The University of Washington to conduct a survey on mental health in the international maritime community. Good to see a flag state take initiative after the survey was originally for Anerican seafarers, when the international ones had it worse.


Back in the day Blue Star ships with Barbadian crew had legionary parties in port, guitars, rum and song. Didn’t see any mental Health problems then but maybe the liver wasn’t so happy.


For a start Barbadians are not from The Bahamas. However that is not relevant. Your Blue Star days were of an era when there was plenty of in port time with a chance to get ashore , usually into town a short walk away, A totally different environment to today with very short port stays, usually 24 hour working with 6 on 6 off watches plus container securing or hatch/ tank cleaning, all made worse by covid 19 rules preventing going ashore any crew changes and so on.

I think I found my way from one corner of the globe to another successfully enough to know where Barbadians came from and where rum was made.
I consider myself fortunate to have been at sea under the conditions you describe and we knew it as seafaring changed during the course of my career.
I once had a T shirt with the picture of the ship I was sailing in with the wording “ Another day in paradise.”

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That is true, Barbabians are not from the Bahamas.
It is also true that there MAY be Barbadians on ships in the Bahamas registry, as well as people from any other nationality.
That is the way of international shipping today.

But you are right: