Flag State Performance Table

This years Flag State Performance Table is out

Here is some comments:

NOTE: The three large FoCs (Marshall Islands, Liberia and Panama) are all (All Green)

“Amongst the 10 largest ships registers (by dead weight tonnage), covering more than 75% of the world fleet, none have more than two indicators of potentially negative performance, and five have no negative indicators at all.”

I think that speaks for itself.

It may do, but does it say the same to you, me and everybody else?

To me it says that not all the much beleaguered FoCs deserved the reputation they have when it comes to safety:

Note: Only 4 of the top 10 are not also on ILO’s list of FoCs.

I agree, FOC to me is Flag of Choice. Are there some Registries (Open and National) that have horrible standards, definitely. But I believe others should be re-evaluated (Liberia, Bahamas, Marshall Islands)

Aren’t they being re-evaluated all the time by PSC all over the world?
(But mostly “evaluated” in the press and on social media by people that have made up their mind in advance)

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Evaluated properly of course, but we live in a society where people don’t stop and look at the data, we tend to listen more to media and marketing.

Ha, you compare the bulk carrier registry to the passenger vessel registry to the LNG/Tanker registry.

All three have a variety of ships under registry.
It is correct that Bahamas has most of the Cruise ships, but also a lot of Offshore vessels, (mainly high end CSVs etc.) in their register.

One thing they have in common is that they are all among the top 10 in the Performance Table, as well as in tonnage under registry.

Nobody is comparing between them, but comparing them to a lot of National (Closed) Registers when it comes to safety performance.

I’ve seen article after article about the supply chain issues. The basis for most of these articles is that the general public knows little to nothing about how goods arrive at the retail level

So wrt to the open registry / FoC question; what opinions do you think people hold and what is the source of your information?

My guess is (and it’s just a guess) that most people are absolutely clueless.

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[ICS updates the Flag State Performance Table 2023/2024 | MaritimeCyprus](ICS updates the Flag State Performance Table 2023/2024 | MaritimeCyprus