Filling out form 719-B

For a renewal application Description of Endorsements Desired, is it enough to just write “same as the last one”?

Not if you want to get renewed. The NMC is incredibly picky, and they don’t keep a file on you. You have to be very specific about what you are asking for, and provide evidence for each item.

“All previous endorsements held” worked for me.

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Worked for me

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I usually say “All current endorsements: xxxx; xxxx…” and list them all.

But be careful…One thing that bit me on a renewal once was that I listed everything on my current credential included Tankerman. I didn’t mean to as I hadn’t been on a tanker in a while and didn’t have the requisite loads/discharges/refresher so it held up my application until I sent a letter saying I didn’t actually mean to include Tankerman renewal.

My mistake, lesson learned.


Nah, not for a renewal. I always attach my expiring MMC and they can see exactly what I have.

I feel like the more endorsements and certifications you have the more chance NMC will miss something unless you are very precise.
On my last renewal I just marked ‘renewal’ without any details. They sent me mmc without Basic training and RFPEW that I had in my expired one.

I’m took the “All previous endorsements held:” blah blah route. The STCW codes helped keep the list from exceeding the box size on the form. Barely.
Thanks to all for their comments.