Filler jobs?

Long time lurker here on gCaptain, let’s see how my first post goes.

I got canned from a company I liked in Seattle back in October but hit the pavement hard looking for work and found a job by December in the Gulf of Mexico for ~$90/day less.

What’s the general consensus on using a company short term (less than 6 months potentially) to find another company, or still actively looking after being picked up by one?

I read about the company I’m at now on the forums (generally negative posts about them and the management) but I figured some work is waaaay better than no work.

Further, should I list that I’m currently employed on future applications when I just recently got picked up here?

Thanks for reading guys.

It’s usually a lot easier to find a job while you are working. Unless they need you immediately,

No one outside the Gulf will blame you for wanting to leave the Gulf, or wanting to get back to decent pay.

The employer is just using you for their convenience, no reason for you not to do the same.


Yeah ditto that. When you’re out on the job, work it good so they have a desire to call you back. You also get a chance to network so to speak. If the onboard leadership is happy with you, others will find out about it. Keep looking by all means. I’ve only worked temp jobs since June, it’s the new normal.

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I think the perspective on this will be different due to the generation and experience of each individual. With that being said, I view employment as a mutually beneficial arrangement. You have agreed upon terms that you both found agreeable upon the start of employment and if those terms change for whatever reason then the deal is no longer mutually beneficial and nobody should look down on you for looking for a better deal.

I own a couple small businesses and I know that my employees are there because they feel that they have a good deal, if they find a better deal then I fully expect that they jump at it. I do not believe that they came to work for me to help build my business, they are here to benefit themselves and fund their lives. I in no way view this as a bad thing, it keeps me accountable to ensuring that they are working in a happy environment and getting paid enough to do the job while I still profit as well. I am all about people growing and progressing and if that requires them to leave my business then so be it, why would I dislike seeing a motivated person grow and better themselves? Now I do hope that they give me some kind of warning!

Having this experience, I carry that over to my employment as well. I am a working mariner and I am always trying to progress and seeing what else is available. Having options and researching them is prudent in my mind. You can believe that if the employment arrangement becomes non beneficial on the side of the employer, your employment will be non existent, why not hold yourself to the same standard when the situation is weighted in the opposite way. If you fear your employer may try to cause issues with future employment due to you wanting to change jobs then you should look for the chance to leave ASAP.

Keep in mind, you work to provide for you and yours, not them and theirs. That is simply a byproduct of your labors.

I would list that I am currently employed, you do not want to start off on the wrong foot if you get an interview and tell them that you cannot come in and have to either lie or they find out you were withholding the truth to attempt to make yourself seem more marketable.

Just my opinions. I know many of the older guys that I have worked with in every industry seem to be grateful to have a job like their employer is doing them some kind of favor by employing them and not realizing that they are employed because they are needed.


I use to prefer temp jobs. Although most of what I do is actually seasonal work.

The problem is that there is not enough temp work these days, it has become too competitive, and most of it is for less money. The quality of the jobs has also declined. Temp work has become a 50 lb bag marked “Good Stuff”, but when you open it, you usually find only 5 lbs of horseshit.