Ferry collision in Nantucket

Here is a file photo of the GREY LADY seen in August 2015 at Hyannis, Massachussetts. The catamaran fast ferry was delivered in 2003 by Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding in Somerset and is designed for up to 300 passengers with a top speed of 37 kn. Photo : Martin Lochte-Holtgreven ©

That’s the wrong Grey Lady. Latest one was built in 2014.

The one on the picture in the article and on the picture from 2015 looks the same to me,(??)

Here is the Gray Lady IV, built 2016:

Are there a Gray Lady II or III, built 2014??

No that’s the correct Grey Lady. There are two in operation, Grey Lady (as pictured) and Grey Lady IV which is the newer, larger one.

My bad. I didn’t realize they got the Grey Lady (I) back.

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Confusingly the current “Grey Lady” is technically the 3rd Grey Lady. They just kept renaming new boats and when they got the GL4 decided for some reason the keep the name and add some numerals on the end.

Well that’s sort of what I thought. I worked on the Grey Lady back in 2007/2008 - I think that was the original one? I can’t remember anymore.

Nah she was named Grey Lady but not the original. That’s the current Grey Lady if I’m not mistaken? Idk man, it’s hard to keep track of them.

But didn’t they sell that one? And then got it back several years later?

Uhhh. Couldn’t tell you. I worked there when they got the GL4 brand new out of the yard and they had GL, Lady Martha, Vineyard Lady, and GL4. Lady Martha is same general design as GL but a little smaller if I recall correctly and they purchased Vineyard Lady from somewhere on LI I believe.

Yea when I was there it was the GL, Lady Martha, and they still had the 2 slow boats running to each island.

The Great Point and Brant Point. Great boats. Best job I had

Yea. The Brant Point was the one to be on - one run over and back to the Vineyard. The old guys used to show up with their golf clubs as we were making our first run back from Nantucket :joy:

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