Fatality on the Thames. Verdict

Should never have gotten on a boat with a man that was on Oceanic 815 and claims that there were polar bears and evil black smoke on a tropical island for years. :wink:

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His defence is that he didn’t have the duty of care for the victim.

According to wikipedia:

Duty of care may be considered a formalisation of the social contract, the implicit responsibilities held by individuals towards others within society.

Although he didn’t win, its disillusioning to think that this guy doesn’t feel that he had this duty to a person who was his passenger and his date.

Maybe she should have been wiser than to get on the boat with him. But its not her fault he’s criminally creepy.

See “paper captain” thread. Kill someone and you will find out you were a captain, like it or not. Hope this moron rots in jail for a long time.

I guess he wont though. Gross negligent manslaughter: he got 6 years. Reckon it would have been less if he’d managed to attend the trial. Hope they find him.

I’m not in the habit of wishing ill on people but this jackass deserves to serve his jail time in a tiny cell with Bubba.

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Even if you look at him with the best light he’s a reckless coward with a mismatch between his intentions and his pretensions. Reckless coward sounds like an contradiction… but in this world: they’re out there.

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Cut of the same cloth as pharma boy.
He bought a pharmaceutical company making the HIV related drug Daraprim and immediately increased the price by 5000%.

I see psychopaths. They’re everywhere. They don’t even know that they’re wrong.

Or the “affluenza” kid. F this guy


Maybe… his speedy death wish was from 1980 and bought off of gumtree… so maybe he wasn’t fat in the wallet. Just trying to come off that way.

or he didn’t care about boats, just about girls that are impressed by boats.

Like Good Charlotte says, “Boys don’t like boats, boys like girls who like boats…?” something like that.

I confess that it’s always worked wonders for me in my wild youth but I never abandoned any of those young damsels to let them drown in frigid bacteria infested waters.

I don’t care what they say, sir: you are a gentleman.


Indeed he was got under maritime law which seems to apply to anything afloat.
There is a lesson for all and every leisure boater. And especially leisure boaters who have a proper maritime background. Not that any commercial sailor anywhere would ever drink.