Facebook Connect & Chat

Hey guys,

We launched a few more upgrades today… The first is Facebook Connect.

So if you are logged-into gCaptain click on the blue “Connect” button in the upper-right hand corner of the site. Once connected you can use that button to log-into gCaptain without typing in your username and password each time you visit the site… just click “Connect” and you’ll be logged in automatically.

The facebook feature also lets you share forum posts with your facebook friends… which is a great way to help spread the word about this forum.

The other feature we implemented is chat. Look at the bottom of this screen and you’ll find a grey bar with the word “Chat ()”. Click on it and you’ll see all your gCaptain friends who are currently online… just click on their names and you can chat with them live! But, remember, it only lists your friends so… be sure to find your favorite people and start adding them.

Here’s a quick video I recorded showing you how to use each feature:


John I just spent 15 mins writing you a personal mess and was not able to send to you because your inbox is full

Hi Felix, please send the email to info @ gcsptain.com


Thank you, we talked about it aftereard on the forum