Experience needed to enter ROV training program

Hey everyone,

I was was wondering what experience is required to get into an ROV training program.

Right now I have only the bare bones requirements to even get onto an offshore vessel (OS/Wiper endorsement, STCW, TWIC card and MMD, and waiting on a passport) and have no illusions in my head that I’m anywhere close to being qualified, but I’m incredibly interested.

So my question is this; What, if any, offshore position could I work my way up to getting the necessary experience to even be considered for ROV training? I understand that they look for people with technical/mechanical backgrounds, could this be accomplished by going the engineer route on a vessel and then trying to get in after a few years? Could you get experience as a captain and then try to get into ROV training? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

As an Engineer I’d say it would definitely be beneficial to get into the engine room if you want to learn the skills needed. Skills you learn in the Engine Room can translate to hundreds of different jobs including ROV, Deck side, not quite so much, though an understanding of what the DP operator is doing is, I’m sure, quite helpful.

In my experience, I have never heard of any QMED or Engineer moving over to ROV. I think the reason is that the pay is much less at entry level ROV than it is for entry level in the Engine Room, and people usually don’t want to change jobs for a reduction in pay. But getting on a smaller boat and getting the mechanical experience and moving to a bigger boat with ROV could be a pathway where you wouldn’t take a pay cut.

If being an ROV mechanic or pilot is your dream, I’d definitely recommend taking a hydraulics course, as well as electrical and electronics course to beef up your resume. As with any job, especially entry level, character counts most, and if it doesn’t, it is not a company you want to work for anyway. Any chance you get, whether a cover letter or interview, show your desire, people skills and work ethic.