Expedition Yacht REV Ocean

Røkke’s new “toy”, the Research Expedition Yacht REC Ocean has been out on sea trials for a few day and arrived in Ålesund today:

Seen here on an earlier outing(01.Dec.2021)

Actually she is a lot more than a toy and intended for serious research on any ocean:

More pictures of REV Ocean in Ålesund:

From: Bypatrioten Ålesund S011083sh1rh1edf7f · Great visit to the harbor! REV Ocean itself? If we are not completely wrong, Røkke’s research ship, which when completed, is estimated to cost around NOK 4.2 billion. The ship, which was outfitted at Vard Brattvåg and has keep over 500 employees in full swing. It was to be completed in 2021, but was delayed by almost two years. A little more googling and we find out that the 183 meter long ship is intended for 60 scientists and a crew of 30 people and the goal is expeditions and investigations to make the sea both healthier and cleaner.

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That’s a good looking ship.

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