EXCLUSIVE: The collision between BALTIC ACE and CORVUS J

Hi guys, I attach a link with the EXCLUSIVE VIDEO of the collision between the Baltic Ace and Corvus J of December 5, 2012. You can see it at: VesselFinder.com

The video can also be found here http://gcaptain.com/corvus-j-containership-damage-photos/

Along with other exclusive photos of the Corvus J


Especially remember that even with all the electronic navigation aids, a vessel can still sink in the coldest water within 15 minutes ! From what I see of that AIS video, it does not look too good … :confused:

i wonder if the standing orders said
if in doubt go to port?

I assume it sank because it fell over like that other one down near the Thames?

In Algemeen Dagblad fishermen Wout Boelaars says he saw on the radar how the two vessels did not steer clear from each other but into each other. “The Corpus J was altering course to starboard while the Baltic Ace made a sharp turn to port.” According to him the collision is the result of a communication error.

A communication error … :confused:

Communication problem … :confused:


I’m sorry … I can’t help ! :o

Has anybody heard anything about salvage efforts regarding the Baltic Ace? News went quiet in a hurry.