EXCLUSIVE: American Ship Captain, Accused of Anchoring Illegally,

Does the agent then, carry some responsibility for their professional recommendations?


I still dont get the part where an agent tells you to enter and anchor in a country that you are not clearing in to…sort of turns that into illegal entry??
Are we saying the Captain relied 100% on agent and made no communications to the port authority?

The article says the ship was anchored about 40 miles NE of Bintan Island.

The agent gave as a position to anchor as 01° -50’ N 105°-20 E which I convert to 1.83° N 105.33° E which on Google Earth plots as about 60 miles NE of Bintan.


aa. Lat: 01-50N, Long: 105-20E (Off South China Sea)

Kindly advise Master to keep clear of the followings once anchoring:

aa. 12nm away for Malaysian Coast Line.

bb. Traffic Lane.

cc. Submarine Cables

Unless I made an error somewhere?

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The Indonesians don’t discriminate, they arrest all comers:

This is from the linked article in the OP.

“At one point, there were 13 other captains in there with me,” said Ledoux, who documented those who were there as best he could, keeping detailed notes. One Filipino captain had been there for 67 days, as his company had refused to pay the bribe.

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