Exams and Testing

[QUOTE=Shellback;47215]That’s interesting ,they list them here …Which doesn’t mean anything, I have had a bad experience with the Oakland Rec in the past and will not be going there …

.I’ve also heard there are different plotting sheets that you can request also…

Available from the Examination Team at NMC:
COMDTPUB P16721.29 Operating Manual DEEP DRILLER (MODU exams)
COMDTPUB P16721.30 Operating Manual COASTAL DRILLER (MODU exams)
COMDTPUB P16721.31 Stability Data Reference Book
COMDTPUB P16721.32 Manual for loading the M/V GRAND HAVEN (Great Lakes exams)
COMDTPUB P16721.38 Reprints from the Light Lists and Coast Pilots
COMDTPUB P16721.46 Reprints from the Tide Tables and Tidal Current Tables
HO PUB No.9 The American Practical Navigator, Volume II – 1981 Edition
GPO SN 040-000-00418-1 Training Nautical Almanac
[B]May be locally produced:[/B]
Stability work sheets
Radar plotting sheets
May be provided by the applicant:
Star Finder – 2102-D or equivalent
Calculator – See Exam Room Materials Section of the Instructions for rules concerning calculator use.
Plotting tools – i.e. dividers, triangles, nautical slide rule[/QUOTE]

What do they mean by “May be locally produced”?

i think it just means that it will be printed out at or provided by the REC during testing