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So I am not good at chart ploting. If i fail chart plot i see i have 2 more trys for that round and then i would have to do everything over on the second round. IF i failed again i have to wait 3 months. My question is If you fail chart plot once and go to retest do i get the same chart or is it a differant chart each time?

I see that since they put a 3 month time on re do’s i am guessing 3 months is CB then the next 3 months is LIS then the next BI.

Guessing that is all.

It will be a different module. As with all examinations, re-takes will be a different module. It probably will be a different chart, but it’s possible it could be the same one.

There is not standard cycle for which chart is used.

Just keep at it. Have you been doing practice chart plot tests from like Lapware or another type of license prep software? It’s tough because you can only miss like what? 2 or 3? Good luck! You got it!

Accuracy is everything on chart plot. If you plot incorrectly on the first couple questions, it’ll compound and increase your error on the last questions. If you can start strong and accurate, the rest should go fairly smooth.

Practice all the chart plots on lapware. That’ll familiarize you with how the questions are phrased, mistakes you can make leading to incorrect answers, and get you familiar with the training charts, land marks, etc.

From what I remember, answers are made in a way to catch common errors.

Example… A common plotting mistake of initial position or set/drift on question 1 or 2 could lead to you getting a bearing of let’s say 090 degrees on an object in question 6. 090 might be an answer to choose from, but the correct answer is 100

Your initial test, and any subsequent retake could be any module on the three charts, so familiarize yourself with all 3 charts.

Practice practice practice

There are lots of resources.out there to get sample exams for all three charts. You want to be familiar enough with all of them that on test day it doesn’t matter which one you get.

And like others have said, it will be random which chart and set of questions you get.

Thanks it is just some of the wording on LIS has me going what the fuck.

There aren’t that many chart plot tests. You could literally just memorize all the answers.

Alternatively, there aren’t that many chart plots. Just practice them.

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Thanks my step dad is building me a chart table that folds. I looked over upgrade U and it lists 20 charts for CB 21 charts 18 for LIS and i think 16 for BI but the chief mate told me that is way off and its more like 7-12 for each chart

But yes he said know know do set drift and the common problem types and i should do ok.