Exam Center put down wrong answer

I tested for my 1600 ton chart plot today and I failed with an 80% I asked the examiner if I could challenge my two questions. Well by the time I finished writing the challenge on one the examiner notified me that the time was up and I had to get ready for the next portion which was deck safety. I used up 3.5 hours and an extra 15 minutes the examiner allowed me to slide in. The other Question I wanted to challenge I never got the chance to write it up. When I got into my car the first thing I did was look for the chart plot ( chart 18 Chesapeake) in upgrade U if your curious. THE ANSWER I CHOSE WAS CORRECT AND I KNOW FOR A FACT BECAUSE I PLOTTED IT AFTER I WROTE THE FIRST CHALLENGE BUT RAN OUT OF TIME. I contacted Uscg right away and they said when the first challenge is cleared then we could check our options. Here’s where it gets sticky. USCG responded saying they were NOT going to overturn my first challenge I understand why. ( it was kind of a stretch) but I WISH I would’ve challenged the other question because now I have to write a letter which can delay my testing and I have a deadline on September 30th to pass my last exam which is chart plot. I wish the USCG would just review the test. And give me my point I failed by 1 question any advice. And of course I will use my last attempt but the fact they put the wrong answer is EATING me alive.

Probably faster to just take the chart plot again. Sucks.


You are going to have to take the test again.

They used the wrong answer key to grade the celestial portion of my masters exam. They called me at the hotel that afternoon and admitted it.

There’s absolutely no option but to take the exam again. If you passed it once you can pass it again. Look at it as a confidence booster.

I went in next morning and smashed the exam easy peasy. You can do it too. Or you can waste a bunch of everyone’s time, but one way will get you a license and one way won’t.


I never had any luck with any kind of protest or reconsideration, despite being jerked around pretty good by the folks in the exam room.

I went back aced my chart plot with a 100 I’m now a 1600 ton mate



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