Ever heard of somone going commercial for their freshmen cruise? (CMA)

Lets say someone got six months of sea time…went to the cg center, took the test for oiler and passed. So that person would now be a QMED 1.

Lets say that person decided they then wanted to go to CMA and just go straight for their license. . .

Ever heard of anyone just going on a commercial ship for their freshmen cruise instead of the bear?

If so let me know…

I’m not sure if you’re also asking if you use any of your prior time and skip a cruise, if so, the answer is no.

STCW requires either completion of a program that includes sea service (6 months for engineers, i year for deck). The service has to be part of the program, you can’t use time you had before you entered the program.

Sorry I meant q4.

And I didn’t mean using prior sea time. I meant going as a QMED for two months instead of a cadet wiper since besides the diesels class(which can be taken during the semester) all the freshmen do on the freshmen bear cruise is clean.

But I guess it sounds like no…I will just have to endure it and wipe up oil for them for two months.

Are you sure there’s no possible way???

For the 3rd Mate/QMED program, either commercial ships or the training ship is OK for the engine time as far as the Coast Guard is concerned, but it’s up to CMA which they will give you. [B]NOTE[/B] that if you use this post to argue against CMA, I will make sure you get the hardest license exam we’ve ever produced :mad:.

Just suck it up grab a hand full of rags and go clean. Everybody who goes to an academy does it and everybody hates it. Being miserable it just part of going to sea.

In my class there were people in your situation who tried to get out of freshman cruise and were unsuccessful for the reasons Mr. Cavo alluded to. Sea time by itself is not whats important its the entire program including successfully completing the three training cruises which is important.

SUNY Maritime is now letting students do time on commercial ships over Christmas break and for their second summer cruise. Per the above post, part of the training idea is working together (also see indoc…), shared suffering, teamwork, and the concept that you can’t do it all alone. Perhaps you can suggest that CMA do something similar. You are unlikely to get out of suffering as a freshman, so get over it and start chipping and polishing!:smiley:

Was looking back through Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong’s old posts, and this cracked me up!!!
She was looking for special treatment 4 years ago, and managed to raise Mr. Cavo’s ire.

Its called being broke,not having money to pay for it to begin with and trying to find some way to earn money to stay in school and not being able to and having to leave. thank you for rubbing salt in the wound.

It’s rumored that grip strength is improved by diligent wiping and cleaning in the engine room. Slacking it obviously makes for a weak grip.

its called not having money to pay for it in the first place, trying to find some way to be able to pay, not being able to and having to leave. thanks for rubbing salt in the wound

A wise old mentor of mine when I was first starting out told me that when working for him the amount of grief I received from him would be in direct proportion to that which I requested.
A sage observation for life in general.

Yea you can never get out of your freshman and senior year cruises, at least in NY. The ones who can cadet ship Over winter break are doing it more for the extra experience and money rather than seatime. It’s just part of life and like someone said its not really about the seatime per-se but the program as a whole. Also the reason why they don’t count prior seatime.