Evaluation Criteria Questions

Can anybody give me some tips/ examples or suggest some resources on how to answer the Evaluation Criteria Questions that are required to apply for MSC positions? Thank you.

Search this forum using the terms KSA and MSC.

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Be specific, and don’t assume th reader knows about the industry or the job. Assume you are addressing a total lay person as you probably are, at least initially. In Federal hiring, applications are first reviewed and scored by a HR/personnel type and assigned a preliminary score. Only those making the minimum cut-off get forwarded to the hiring office. Also, if there is a veteran eligible for preference scoring higher than you, the agency cannot hire you unless the veteran declines.

Federal hiring is sort of backwards. Unlike the private sector where a brief resume and cover letter gets you an interview whether all the details can come out, in Federal hiring you don’t get the interview unless you provided all the details up front.

You can supplement your application with attachments where you lay out your experience relative to the KSAs.

So, be excessively detailed. If a ranking factor or “KSA” is knowledge of tank ship cargo operations, don’t assume they will know that you have this if you only say you were the Chief Mate on a tanker.

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