Estate of staten island ferry crash victim settles wrongful death claim against the city of new york

It strikes me as quite ironic that the USCG uses the Staten Island ferry incident to justify the new medical standards, yet once again chooses to ignore the primary issue which is the one man pilothouse. <br><br><a title=“Staten Island Ferry Settlement” target="_blank" href="]

I know it is ridiculous. I have to get an annual Physical and send it to the Coast Guard and keep the up to date physical with my license for proof upon request. The only health problem I have is PRIAPISM. Named after Priapus, the greek god of fertility.

Oh, geez.<br>The sad thing is that nobody (even the doctor) has noticed but Capt.Lee. Named after Pitiful, the greek god of miniature golf.

PRIAPRISM!!! No wonder anchorman says you make such a good cabin boy!! You’d best keep away from those shark jaws…

<P>PRIAPRISM…this is also an indication of a spinal injury usually after an accident has occurred. <br><br>So Capt Lee is your back hurting???<br><br>All of ya’ll take care with the storm coming into the gulf!!!</P>

Accident?<br><br>He accidentally dropped the soap, most likely.