EPIRB Malfunctions

Hello All,

I am taking a very series look into the
malfunction of a ACR Globalfix 406 Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB)
that almost cost the crew of the sailboat s/v Sean Seamour II their
lives. This is a extremely important issue to all mariners.

anyone has ever experienced a problem with their EPIRB, no matters who’s, I would love to
know the details. There is a write up on my blog with regard to the
Sean Seamours malfunction and John has also posted it here at gCaptain. Your can also read it here [EPIRB Malfunction](http://robinstorm.blogspot.com/2007/07/webexclusive-epirbs-and-sv-sean-seamour_27.html" target="_blank).

I can be contacted through my blog or right here at gCaptain’s Forum…


Rob Stormer

Robin Storm http://robinstorm.blogspot.com

I don’t remember the details but one company I worked for only approved a new battery when the epirb expired… desipte it appearing to be in bad shape.

Another, much better, company had 2 epirbs aboard and 1 PLB (handheld, portable epirb) inside each lifeboat.


We also have a PLB in each boat… gives you a nice warm feeling to know your not going to forget the main one.