Entry level positions for ALASKANS

Sorry I couldn;t manage to get this posted any earlier either, maybe it will still be in time for someone!
Good luck!!
PS (WMA stands for Womens Maritime Association, if anyone is interested in joining, they have a website)

I apologize for the late notice on this announcement, but I have not been in a place with internet for a while. This is an excellent opportunity for folks to get trained and certified, and get paid while doing it. The program starts in 2 weeks, so please get the word out.

Katie Haven

[INDENT][INDENT][B]From:[/B] Scott Hamilton <scott.hamilton@avtec.edu>
[B]Date:[/B] March 1, 2012 11:08:42 CST
[B]ubject:[/B] [B]AVTEC Apprenticeship Program[/B]

All Hands,

AVTEC Maritime has received funding from DOL to provide training for 10 individuals to receive our Tankerman AB Program. Edison Chouest has signed to provide the sea service, as on the job training (OJT) to meet the USCG sea service requirement’s under this training. This would be free training and a job. An applicant need not have prior sea service or a TWIC/MMC, as obtaining those certifications is part of this unique training opportunity.

If you know of an [U]Alaskan[/U] that wants to pursue a career in the deck department, at sea, as an Able Bodied Seaman and is willing to train at AVTEC starting the 26th of March for seven weeks, followed by a two year paid apprenticeship, please have them read the information on the AVTEC Maritime web page:
http://www.avtec.edu/amtc.htm, fill out the application and return it to AVTEC for review and possible interview.

This is a great opportunity, but we have a very short window in which to fill these ten seats.
I have attached a flier that can be printed on both sides that is suitable for dissemination.

Thank you in advance for spreading the word. It is very satisfying watching these students get these great sea going jobs. Please do not hit “respond all” in any response to this announcement or all of Maritime Alaska will see it!



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