Entry level MMC

I’m going through the checklist here, and it wants a “Reference #.” I would just leave this blank, because I don’t know what it’s talking about, but I don’t want my application process to be stretched out even longer. Can anyone fill me in about what this is? Do I need it?

Also, once I have everything sent in- what’s the average processing time before I get the credential? I got my TWIC in just under 2 weeks, so I have high hopes.

http://www.uscg.mil/nmc/checklists/MCP-FM-NMC5-36 Entry Level.pdf?list5=checklists%2FMCP-FM-NMC5-36+Entry+Level.pdf&B4=GO!

Maybe I don’t even need that checklist? Here’s the other one officially titled “MMC Application Submittal Checklist” which the 1st checklist says is the one I need to include

On my last renewal I was told that the goal was to have the credential in hand in less than 30 days. It only took a couple of weeks from when I turned in my application until I had my license in hand. I live in Alaska so mail takes longer. An entry-level mmd with no seatime to evaluate, clean physical, and no criminal record I imagine will go pretty fast, but if you plan on 30 days you will be less likely to be disappointed.

References are needed for Licenses only

I got my entry level MMC within 3 1/2 weeks. That’s with a super clean background and physical.

Reference # is probably your Mariners Reference Number assigned by the Coast Guard which you will have with your first MMC.

Oh and don’t forget to get your TWIC 1st before you try and get your MMC because that’s what they had said they needed when I drove to MD to apply and give them my paperwork for my MMC.