ENSCO takeover of Pride

A positive outcome of the Ensco takeover of Pride, could perhaps, be a clean house of the HR department and an end to the discriminatory hiring practices within that company. I’ve wondered, how a company that touts integrity at all levels, perceives its reflection , when ms P tells a recent academy graduate at the top of his class, that there is no JDPO program…. when the graduate knows for a fact that his female classmates are in just such a program at Pride. Or when a 50 ish unlimited master with a full DPO NI certificate is told that he is not qualified for an entry level 3rd mate position. I’m certainly no legal expert, but I do have a gut feeling about the ethics of such practices.

ENSCO knows nothing about hiring marine crews. Their DP semis do not have masters, mates or licensed engineers. Just barge people. I am afraid that Pride will still be responsible for providing manning for their DP rigs for the foreseeable future so screw them! If you know a 50ish UL master with DP have him contact me…he might have a job waiting for him with another drilling company that I know of.

btw, does the Ms P you refer to have the last name Figon? If so then I know just what you mean about her but then again, my company has one cut from the same cloth! Rescruiters telling the superintendents who will be hired for their rigs rather than the other way round!

lf seroius about job opp for UL Mstr w/DP contact Josekanucee@yahoo.com.mx

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