Engineers on the big boats

Hi guys im new in the industry and new to this site i am wanting to know about going from these crew boats to them big boats. What do i need to do ? i mean do i need to go to some engineering school and which boats pay the most? Im looking for direction. Thanks, slipknot

Do you mean OSVs or deep draft? Does your employer operate either? Assuming that they do, the first place to check would be your company’s training department or your human resources department. Tell them what you want to do and see if they point you in the right direction.

dougpine, thanks for your reply but im not sure i know the diffrence. i know that an “osv” is off shore vessel but im not sure about deep draft. to be honest anything ove 6 feet is “deep draft” to me. i am thankful for your input but thes guys dont have anything other than crew boats. im keeping this on the down low. i dont want them (my employer) to know im looking for new work. ive got a z card and an stcw but no future if i stay where im at.i keep seeing thes big boats there in fourchon and thinking i could do that. i mean come on you dont have to go to an academy or have a degree to run them boats do ya? surly not.

Deep draft is ships.<br><br>There’s no getting around going to a school of some sort, whether you’re in the engine department or the deck department. You may be able to get on with one of the companies (Chouest, Hornbeck, Tidewater, Otto Candies, etc) as a wiper, or by starting as an OS or cook and pursuing your interest in engineering. If you’re able to do that you may wind up with company provided training or reimbursement. It is always best to find someone else to pay for your training!<br><br>I’m up on deck and don’t know much about the job market for entry-level engine personnel. Start banging on doors and asking for work. Visit <a title=“Homeport USCG” target="_blank" href="], click on Merchant Mariners, and start digging around for information on becoming a QMED/Oiler. Everything is mapped out there and it just requires some patient digging around for the info. There are a few engine types around gCaptain as well and they just might chime in. Good luck!

I’m pretty sure there are not any classes required for engineers yet except BST and maybe 1 or 2 for unlimited level. I would think one could get QMED with only BST. I’m not an engineer though.

Hey slipknot!<br>You and I are kind of tryen to do the same thing. I want to get the big lisence (500T) to run the big ones to! There are some really good guys (capt lee, anchorman, dougpine, and many others on this page that are helpin me right now. I am gonna go to a school thats is in Bayue LaBatry (I think thats how to spell it) its called “Sea School”. They are supposed to be the best around. I no that you can get the schoolin for the big lisence there. I’m a Captain and I don’t realy no about the engine room but I’m sure that you can call them and find out about the school and the classes that they offer to people like you and other engine people. I called Chouest but they told me they wern’t hiring anybody right now. I like were I am right now but I think that Chouest will be the best for me! They have really big boats and lots of them. I heard that they are gonna by some other stuff here pretty soon which means that they will be lookin for some more people. Right now I’m gonna get a divorce but when she’s gone I’m gonna get started with the big lisence. When do you plan on goin to school? Maybe you and me can get each others phone numbers and stuff and try to ride together or somethin. I’m from S.C. were are you from? I may not be able to help you but you came to the right place were other people around here will do maybe more than that I can do but if not you should write me back and just let me no. Hope I helped you out man! Minnisupplyman

Hey man (slipknot) I forgot that AARGH had told me about a school in HOUMA LA its called L E Flecher. I talked to a capt named BRUCE. He was really nice and really wanting to help me alot. If SEA SCHOOL don’t work out you should try and give them a call or somethin! I really hope that that helps you out for now!

Do you have to mention the fact that you’re getting divorced in EVERY post you make?

Hey New3m,<br>You are right! I no its just a really big thing going on right now that I have to just deal with! Talkin on this page is kind a good for me and I no that you are right and I will try to not do that any more its just that that is why I cant get the big lisence right now.

Minnisupplyman,<DIV><br><DIV> Sorry about your <span style="line-height: 19px;]divorce</span> man that kinda sucks, come on down to Hotlanta Georgia and we will find you a rocking Georgia Tech girl. Thanks for the input ill call them today and see about that qmed class, it looks like im going to need it. ive been on the uscg wesite and i see that its going to be a while b4 i get a license. lots of stuff i need to do b4 i can get off the crew boats and work on the osv and or deep draft vessels , the one good thing is that it looks i could go all the way up to the bigest boats in fourchon, my G.E.D. it dosent appear to be an issue it looks like i could even be a captain if i wont. Is that right am i reading it right or is there something im missing? </DIV><br><DIV> Thanks to all of you guys for your input!</DIV></DIV>

Slipknot, just an opinion here: <br><br>If I was starting my career over I would be an engineer. Think of Captains as guitar players, and engineers as bass players. A good bass player ALWAYS has work if he wants it. A great guitar player goes begging for work at times. Kinda the same way in this industry, although it is getting better.<br><br>Just my .02 worth.<br><br>CA

Slipknot I don’t think I would want to work in the engine room cause I think that it is very hot and you will get really dirty alot and there is alot of stuff that you have to fix all the time. I think that it is alot better to drive the boat and sit in the ac and that’s what I think. I talked to the CHIEF ENGINEER on My boat and he wishes that he had done the different thing and did what I did. I have a tv on the bridge and I watch Nascar well he can’t and I think that he wishes he was a Captain instead and he could put a tv in the engineroom but it’s to loud and to hot so I’ll stay were I am and I think that you should really think about it really hard before you think that you want to go work down there! This is just what I think about that!

minnisupplyman, thank you for your input. i will think about the loss of nascar and how that sacrafice might affect my happyness. think about this why ur driving the boat and in need of a good poo or a nice snack im sure that the engineer is in the galley watching tv and enjoying the freedom of not being stuck at the wheel.

John K,<br><br>It’s obvious that someone has hacked minnisupplyman’s account. The nearly complete lack of misspelling, no mention of divorce, and only two exclamation points are all the proof you need. Plus, I can’t believe that a professional mariner of his caliber would admit to watching NASCAR while on a bridge watch. You’d better check before this pretender sullies minni’s good name further. <br><br>CA

Hey minnisupplyman,<br><br>Don’t let Capt. Dawson catch you up there staring at NASCAR!

I think Ken already knows…