Engineer vs. deck officer - Big problem. Pls help


As I attaches great importance to the choice of the direction of further education I turn to you for help.
I’m 21 yrs old and come from Poland. This year I studied at the Faculty of Mechanical, at one of the current Maritime Academy here, but resigned because of lack of money to study full time. Soon I will begin part-time study and I would like to advise you because I can choose again. Studies last three months each year, 6 days a week. The rest of the months I would like to work at sea and gain valuable experience. Also earn some money before I become…

My problem is that I would love to work in the future as deck officer, but as we all know it is hard to find a job as an ordinary seaman or deck cadet. What’s more, these positions are not well paid. 1000-1450$ per month is a ridiculous amount. I do not want to swim for such a salary. As a motorman I could earn about 2,000$ per month plus allowances in the company located next to the Academy. Unfortunately, my technical knowledge in this area is poor and I’m afraid that working on the ship as a cadet or motorman in my performance can create some troubles. Is it possible to learn it with great gusto and enthusiasm? I should feel this profession? It is certainly a very responsible job. What is more, I have the impression that the work of ratings of the deck department is much heavier, more dangerous and narrow-minded than those from the engine. I’m talking about work as OS/AB/BOSUN and MOTORMAN/OILER.

Once again I ask on this forum question for you - wolves of the sea.
Which direction at the Maritime Academy should I choose? Which would you choose? On the one hand I would love to work as deck officer and always dreamed about it. On the other hand, the possibilities of the engineer are endless. Ease of finding work, work ashore, high wages at the beginning, which makes it much easier life. All this is very tempting. Unfortunately, there is also some drawbacks, but less significant than the work on the bridge.

Generally, I would like you to write everything you can about the differences, advantages and disadvantages between these two departments. Surely this will help also to other prospective seafarers in the selection.

Thank you very much in advance
Best regards