Mechanic or deck officer?


At the beginning I would say that my english is not the best because I’m from Poland and I still learn this language. I’m 20 yrs old :slight_smile: I have a little problem because i don’t know which specialization of study should I choose. I read a lot about working at sea but i still dont know… Is it true, that the mechanics of the ship have a worse job than navigators? People write that the mechanics of the ship are hard work, but probably they have better earnings and career opportunities? I love the sea, ships and everything associated with it so being a mechanic or navigator will definitely suit me, but I’d like to hear from the professionals how it actually looks like. To cut a long story short, I would like to know who will do better career? Today’s engineers on the ship still have hard work? Who can earn more? What would you choose if you could do it again?

Thank you in advance!

If you don’t mind heat, noise and getting dirty then engineering is better. If you are thinking of a long term career engineering would be best.

Engineers have more job opportunities on ships and on shore. There has always been a shortage of engineers.

Deck is good if you like to be clean. There are always more people looking for deck jobs then there are jobs. Also there are fewer jobs for a deck person on shore.

If I could start again I would have been an engineer.

We are more than mechanics. We are plumbers, sanitation workers (yes you will get shit on you) we are ac technicians, electricians, and last but not least mechanics. If you went engine it would be a lot more than just trying to fix engines. Expect to be looked upon to fix things that are very important to the everyday life of the ship. If the toilets don’t flush or the AC isn’t working, the ship can get pretty miserable. I very much enjoy the work I do. I respect the mates because they are good at what they do. I never try to tell them where to steer the ship, and they don’t try to tell me how to keep the lights on. You need to do what you like to do. Deck or engine officer are 2 different careers. Other than the common goal of getting the goods from point A to point B, they are totally different jobs.