Engine room pictures of Home Lines SS Oceanic?

Hello everyone. New member here. I am very interested in any pictures folks may have of the engine/boiler rooms of the magnificent Home Lines SS Oceanic (1964/65). I have only found a few low resolution pictures of them on the internet and would love to see some more.
Background: I grew up in New Jersey, right across the meadowlands from the NYC cruise ship terminal. My parents and grandparents were long time cruisers. I took my first cruise on the Home Lines SS Doric at age 4, and then sailed over 12 times on the Oceanic, and another 2 or 3 on the doric. This experience at a young age, sealed not only my love of ships and the sea, but also of steam power. When my father explained to me that this massive (at that time) vessel was sailing through the water at 20 knots (she could do 26 as I understand it) by firing fuel to boil water, and then use that steam to spin the blades of turbines and produce 60,000 HP I was fascinated.
This eventually lead me to a wonderful career in the power industry where I have been boiling water, spinning turbines and making power (far more then 60,000 HP, I spent 21 years in a plant that made 710,000 HP on a single shaft steam turbine, and 4 years at another plant which made 1,200,000 HP on a cross compound turbine.
I have many old pictures of the Oceanic, and incredibly fond memories.
I would very much love to have additional pictures of her engine room if anyone here might have them.
Would also love to find a video with sound of her three-tone steam horn (whistle I guess, but technically they were horns, not a whistle in the classical sense of a steam whistle.



sorry i can’t help but i’m sure there are a few photos out there we’ve not seen. you may have to wait a few days for replies sometimes.

For steam engine enthusiasts to enjoy
Triple Expansion Engine at work:

good, thinking of re-using the exhaust steam was one of ‘‘those moments’’ in thought!!
with all the ‘stuff’ we go through with the bigger plants I wonder if Steam still isn’t better for a lot of that?

Not the Oceanic but will give you the sound you’re looking for. This came off the Normandie.