Encouraging every one to get involved in upcoming elections

What ever each of you have for political views, I encourage every one to get involved in the upcoming elections.

There are many issues facing us as mariners, from the constant pecking away at the jones act, the 11th hour torpedo shot on the government aid grain program, to the issues with TWIC cards and licensing. It does no good to grumble to each other here on gcaptain. Lawmakers cannot help solve your problem if you have not told them about it.

I encourage every one to make your voice heard, make elected officals take notice of the issues that affect you, make life better for all mariners.

With your zip code you can call the U.S. capitol switch board, the operator can transfer you to your representative or senators’s office. That number is 202-224-3121

Pointers for your call. Oragnize your thoughts, be prepared. Discuss one issue per call. Ask for the staff person responsible for the issue. Tell them who you are and where you are from. Always be respectful.

The websites to look at issues or to see what your politicans are doing, how they are voting, and to keep track of the things that are important to you.




Don’t be a sheep in the herd that gets lead to the slaughter, be the wolf that howls, and howls loudly.