Employment during this ClusFu

To be absolutely honest, I don’t know what to do right now.

Would any of you take work right now?

My company is mandating a 2 week hotel quarantine before sailing with 180 people from all over the planet.

Do you think it’s better to stay isolated, bleed savings, possibly lose a job…or take the risk to keep earning?

I just crewed up last week so there’s my answer.

I hope they’re paying for the hotel and paying your day rate while there.


Yes, all paid.

Then whatever. At least they’re doing their best to make sure no one brings it to the boat.


180 people from 3rd world countries. 2 week quarantine in the same hotel.

It makes me uncomfortable.

Great question. But unfortunately no one can answer it for you. Even if 99 people say go & 1 says stay your tolerance to risk aversion (see link below) will be the deciding factor. It is great that all of you would be quarantine together, hopefully in separate rooms, but if you would be a nervous wreck it’s better for you to stay home. But if you are (1) stronged willed, (2) middle aged/young & (3) in good health I say go for it. If you don’t meet those 3 qualifications then stay home & go into the poor house with the rest of the world, you’ll have plenty of company.


Thank You.