Empire State VI Arrival Home – Monday, August 6, 2012

[B]Empire State VI Arrival – Monday, August 6, 2012[/B]
[B]10:00 AM[/B]
The Empire State VI will be arriving back at Maritime from the second summer term session on Monday morning, August 6[SUP]th[/SUP] at 10:00 am.

As a reminder, this is a normal work day for staff and faculty and classes are in session. Additionally, there remains extensive construction on-going across a number of areas on the campus.

Due to our great concern over the many construction areas around campus and being careful to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone on campus, we have instituted the following new guidelines for visitors to greet the Empire State.

When you arrive on campus as a visitor for the arrival of the Empire State VI, University Police will direct you to the authorized parking areas which include the following parking lots: the Navy Reserve parking lot; #1; #2; #3; # 6; #7 and # 9. SUNY Maritime employees will park in their normal staff parking areas at Fort Schuyler (#8) and at Bayliss Hall (#4), and behind the Fort. The inner gorge of the Fort will be closed and only faculty, staff and students will be permitted in the Fort area.

Please note - any cars parked outside of the designated areas will be subject to being towed at the owner’s expense.

[B]Viewing Areas and Picnic Areas[/B]
Only the lawn area in front of C & D Dorms will be set aside for picnicking. The Parents’ Association will have a table and tent at the picnic area and we encourage you to visit their booth. They will be selling coffee, bagels, the new SUNY Maritime 2012-2013 calendar, as well as Maritime memorabilia.

Due to construction, as well as summer camp programs, the following areas will not be available for seating and picnicking:

· MC MURRAY HALL. The “TIV” will not be open and the balcony off the “TIV” will also not be open to parents and the general public.
· The front and back lawns as well as the porch areas of all living Quarters are not available for seating. This is to safeguard the privacy of the residents of all Quarters areas.

The roadways in front of and back of the staff and faculty quarters will be closed to pedestrians and cars.

[B]A No Alcohol Policy will be Strictly Enforced[/B]
The return of the Empire State is a joyous day and we are ready to enthusiastically welcome home our Cadets, faculty and staff. In order to ensure that the day is a happy one with no unpleasantness to mar the day, we will be enforcing a strict “NO ALCOHOL POLICY” on the entire campus. Please be aware that UNIVERSITY POLICE HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO SEARCH CARS AND BAGS and anyone found to have any alcoholic beverages or empty containers WILL be removed from campus.
Thank you!

Oh come on. You must be kidding! The school won’t even relax the no alcohol policy for this? I understand having to be over 21, but this is overboard. And to top it off, you’re giving Robocop the authority to search at will? I know he’s counting down the hours to show that authority off.

I remember being able to crack a cold one open when we got off the boat. It’s a state school, not West Point, looks like the school is still focusing on the military aspect and not the real world, hands on, this is what you need to actually know aspect.

Obviously you haven’t heard much about the new Admiral. All of the Internet porn is blocked too.

Now that’s just plain un-American…

[QUOTE=New3M;77389]Obviously you haven’t heard much about the new Admiral. All of the Internet porn is blocked too.[/QUOTE]

Reminds me of the years the school stopped providing toilet paper to cadets on cruise in an attempt to get cadets to stop jerking off so much (I am not joking here, this really happened!)… which lead to desperate cadets flushing their socks down the toilets! It wasn’t a fun cruise for the engineers in charge of the sewage system!

But that’s the problem with new administrators, they come in with their own ideas without bothering to learn hard-won lessons of Admirals from the past.

You know, socks can be washed.

edit - change “s” to “c”

[QUOTE=New3M;77389]Obviously you haven’t heard much about the new Admiral. All of the Internet porn is blocked too.[/QUOTE]

Nooooooooo!!! I bet internet usage has dropped to near zero. . . . .

Lol wow! I bet after all the flushed socks they figured it was a pretty bad idea. Some of these new “rules and regs” are just flat out silly.

Thank god we are out of there Ryan, heard that lady is a real b***h.

heard that Capt Smith is no longer in charge of regiment, a new female officer from Guantanamo Bay is the replacement, so now there are 2 b****h running things. Upperclassmen are miserable. the added military strictness adds no value. there were enough rules in place already. having students that cant wait to get the heck out is not a positive environment. new students coming in will drink the new koolaid and life will move on