Electric car ferries

Not car ferries, but with carrying capacity of 100 passengers and 100 cyclists:

I presume that the 100 Pax are riding on the 100 bikes??

100 fixed bikes, to generate the electricity needed for propulsion…

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Not a bad idea, power and seats for pax covered in one. (Pedlers at 1/2-price)
Ingenious idea!! Have you patented it??

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I was late…
One boat of the America’s Cup (NZ?) had fixed bikes to turn the big winches; a sort of coffee grinder by feet.

they were pumping hydraulic pressure which was needed for the foil controls and used by the winches but that was secondary.

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In Semarang, Indonesia in the 1960s electric supply where intermittent at best.
A local workshop was used by the Engineers on some small Norwegian tankers that was charted to Pertamina to make things because they had an ingenious lath machine.
Power was by two bikes and belts. Plenty of people available to pedle the bikes for a few thousand Rupias. When one got tired another was ready to take his place.
They just brought the sample and a paper bag full of 1000 Rupia notes with them.

I was thinking about a conventional AC boat before the foilers took over.

the bike riders have only been used for hydraulics on foilers

Hi…FWIW Portland Maine has a private pace of 11 pennies/kWh, NYC is 24/kWh, (as indicated by my electric bills). It’s area subordinate because of cost of creation, yet additionally because of foundation upkeep and I’m certain some different factors, for example, charges and so on