Electric car ferries

Havyard has delivered it’s 13th electric powered ferry:

(From smp.no today. Translated by Google Translate)

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That is a logical use of electric power. If they owned a wind farm and PV systems for charging it would be a no brainer.

They don’t have to own any “wind farm and PV system”. The ferries are recharged from the normal grid in Norway, which is all hydro electric.

Yes but they could cut out the middleman if they had their own, even a small amount.

Not sure if that is possible, considering the fact that these ferries operate in places where the wind doesn’t always blow and the sun doesn’t always shine, but the national grid is already available and cheap.

PS> Mini hydro and hydrogen as power source is coming though.

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Here is a few advice before choosing electric propulsion for you new vessel/boat/ferry:

The latest addition to Norled’s electric hybrid ferry fleet, the Solavågen is seen here on her way from the builder in Gdansk, Poland to Stavanger:

From there she will proceed north to join her sistership, the Festøya on the Solavågen to Festøya vv. route up here, near Ålesund:

The second of the new ferries on the Solavåg-Festøya route are now in place and operating.

Some more details on the ferries:

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Lots more to come, but these are Hydrofoil fast ferries: