Good Day fellas!
I plan to go to Louisiana after holy week. I read on thread about ECO says that monday is hiring day. I’ve been unemployed for more than a year, I submitted hundred resume to a different company but still no luck.:(… I just wanna make sure before I book my flight going to NOLA, Is it really true that they’re hiring? I’m applying for QMED. And what other company should I apply? Your information/reply is much appreciated. Thanks! God Bless All…

They are always looking for people. Cant say that I ever heard that Monday is the hiring day.

They are hiring anyone with stcw. Hired a ton of people last month. If you have experience that is better. I you have dp then u are in.

thanks Capt HH and Capt Rob1,…

Do y’all think its not too late if i come over by third week of April.?

Monday is the hiring day if you fly in because tuesday is safe gulf. If you come any day other than monday you either go home for a few days or sit in housing being bored and not getting paid (if they are willing to put you in housing).

So if you fly in to New Orleans and rent a car to get down there, what happens when you have to return your car? Is there a bus or shuttle of some sort from New Orleans to Galliano?

Yes. And there is an enterprise car rental near by you could drop off at.

Is there someone from ECO who really understands the hiring process, and training opportunities, that I could PM for more info?

It is really all about timing and being in the right place at the right time. If your name is in front of Nicky Collins when he needs someone, and you have the quals he is looking for, you most likely will get hired. To clarify, they do not necessarily hire on Mondays but they start the new hire process on Mondays. If you happen to get a call to come interview on a Monday, you are hired. Pack for a hitch. You will do your physical on Monday, if you pass you will take a couple of orientation classes on Tuesday, then go thru the HR processing, benefits, etc… on Wednesday. Then it is off to a boat. As for training, it is up to you. They have a training center that offers every course you need to go thru Master 1600 and/or 3rd mate unlimited. Not sure about the engineering side.

Speaking about getting on with ECO…what all is involved in the pre-employment physical ?

Pretty standard stuff. Their biggest issue is blood pressure. A bottom number greater than 90 and you will be told to go see your regular doctor to get a prescription to help lower your bp. When you have done that come back to have another go. This does not mean you are not hired, you just need to get it below 90 before they bring you on board.

Most things can be worked through by telling them then getting them the doctors notes and consults they want. The most important thing is to not lie about anything they ask about. One guy tried not telling them about having back surgery and they saw the scars and threw him out.

Greetings All,
Pulled the trigger and bought the ticket for NOLA next week, and within 10 minutes Nicky C called me back. Great I thought, until he told me that he’s headed to the west coast…#@*&! I asked if there was anyone else I could talk with and he said Miss Laverne - is this a good thing? Please send a PM if you have any insight!

I took a pre-employment physical a while back that included an EKG. I remember when if you could fog a mirror and had a pulse…you were good to go. Thanks for the info.

She is the other recruiter. Very nice. I believe she usually handles unlicensed hires while Nicky deals with licensed personnel. I’m sure she’ll have full authority to hire as needed while Nicky is gone. One thing is certain…the oilfield stops for no man.

I’m currently employed full time right now, and I want to apply to Chouest in the fall. If I get hired on are they flexible with regards to giving my current job notice? I’d hate to give this job up until I absolutely have to. However, it sounds like from many posts that you have to be ready to go immediately or you are SOL.

You aren’t officially hired until you have been there three days anyway. You go for a physical monday, then class tuesday. If you pass the physical and that class you are good. But you don’t sign the employment papers into wednesday afternoon after a half day class (no test). Take as much vacation time as you have before going down so you can give them notice you won’t be back after your vacation once you are hired at ECO.

I already had my flight too by mid April. That’s sounds bad:(,… is Nicky C leaving the company or just few days off?

He may be going on company business. Interview with Laverne.