ECO New Hire Needs Advice

“Crews work midnight to noon and noon to midnight. Meal schedule is usually…
B fast - 5am, Lunch - 11am, Dinner - 5pm”

I imagine each captain/boat is different, but is the cook the only one responsible for keeping the coffee on?

[QUOTE=charlottehard;119764]Hello all,

After nine months of classes, document gathering and, four trips to Louisiana, last week I was hired as an OS Cook in the GOM for ECO.
They don’t have a boat/ship for me yet, so I am at home north of Houston, packed and waiting for my call. It could take several weeks to place me.
Any advice would be appreciated.
Intend to work toward my AB.


Congratulations!! I assume OS/Cook means you earn regular sea time as you work?

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