ECO Mojix STAR System

Just wondering how this new system will effect the duties of captain and crew.

Would yo mind explaining what the system is for some of us greenhorns? In laymens terms

There is an article about it on

Thanks rjb, I’ll check it out

Mojix Inc. announced Edison Chouest Offshore (ECO), C Logistics Division, is deploying the Mojix STAR system in a large scale RFID initiative to bring a new level of visibility, precision and operational efficiency to the oil and gas industry at their Port Fourchon, La. facility, a large scale shorebase operation which services the majority of offshore logistics for offshore operations in the Gulf of Mexico.

Following a successful pilot of the Mojix system, the deployment to fully equip Port Fourchon’s C-Port and C-Port 2, an 18-slip operation, is underway, and will light up the entire port providing RTLS visibility utilizing passive RFID. In addition, RFID visibility will be expanded to all remaining production areas of Port Fourchon as well as warehouse facilities within the Edison Chouest Offshore family of companies. ECO, a leading provider of integrated supply management for drilling, production, and construction projects in deepwater and shelf locations throughout the Gulf of Mexico, is implementing RFID initiatives to support their ability to maximize efficiency, reduce cost and solve the critical issues of staging, manpower, space, loading, scheduling and logistics for oil drilling and production operations in the Gulf of Mexico. ECO plans to offer RFID enabled value added services as an option to their customers, which include the leading oil companies operating in the Gulf of Mexico.

“This RFID deployment enables improved precision, visibility and accountability to C-Logistics services. Based on our current analysis, we expect the deployment to render greater return on our customers’ investment in services, and in addition long term benefits of visibility to workflow and process that are expected to be significant,” said Dane Vizier, General Manager, Edison Chouest Offshore, C Logistics Division. “With the RFID solution we have the ability to know exactly where an item is at all times. Storage and staging will be improved with both textual and graphical representations of locations and definitive time records. This enables us to reconcile and standardize data, which improves the existing reporting functions we provide our customers.”

About Mojix STAR system

I read your post, Mikey, but I still don’t have a friggen’ clue as to what it is.

[QUOTE=ollie;30920]I read your post, Mikey, but I still don’t have a friggen’ clue as to what it is.[/QUOTE]

I’m glad you said it. I thought it was just me

believe they are referring to tracking inventory and cargo…RadioFrequencyIDenification??

**that should help with the confusion between the dock>boat>rig about what is or is not onboard??yeah right…dream on!!

[QUOTE=ollie;30920]I read your post, Mikey, but I still don’t have a friggen’ clue as to what it is.[/QUOTE]

Me neither

after looking at the referenced site…would think this may be difficult to implement but once established should help out with the dockside experience…always liked working out of the seaport facilities!!