eCFR Phone App

The other day I emailed the web support email address of the government printing office, who runs the eCFR site telling them how much I would love an eCFR app. If anyone else wanted to see an app like that take 2 minutes to email them yourself. Maybe if we show there is enough demand they will develop one or hire a developer. I made sure to mention I would be willing to pay for a good, well laid out app. ($5 wouldn’t be bad…)

I’m so glad I’m not the only nerd out there.

Great idea, I’ll email them as well.

I got an email today that reads “GPO is working on different mobile applications. This request has been forwarded to the team that is doing the apps.” Hopefully they come up with a good app soon.

If you look in the iPhone apps, there are multiple cfr apps. Most are broken down in titles though