Just thought I would throw Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy MAMA… a bone. This is a pretty basic course that takes you step by step thorugh the functions of the TRANSAS ECDIS and simulator. John Sitka has done a great job this week trying to make it as fun as possible and even though I would rather be somewhere else doing something else, I was having a good time with some of the simulations. Especially the interaction of the other students driving different vessels. MOB, SAR were pretty good. I would definitely recommend MAMA to anyone looking to advance their license. I will be back in April for Adv. Cargo. So maybe I will see some of you there.

Interesting and I’m glad to see so many private schools starting to offer CMM classes. That being said they need a bit of advisement in the online world starting with a 301 to a new domain name.

So where are all the CM/Master courses on the west coast? As far as I know one can’t do all the classes without going east at some point.

PMI held CMM courses for about 1 year but canceled them due to low enrollment.

I believe PMI in Seattle has the most CM/Master Training Modules, but not all of them. They are affiliated with MITAGS in MD.

If you go to the NMC website and all the approved courses are listed. Here’s the link to the pdf :

Best of Luck!

Capt. Lee I agree.
I was there a couple of months ago (for AB & Lifeboat) and I was
VERY impressed at how they’re NOT “teaching the test”. I learned a lot.
They did a great job keeping a lot of basic information compelling.
I’ll be back! Hope to see you there or in Louisiana.