Ebb Tide at the Mouth of the Kennebec - photo

Took a walk on Popham Beach, took a photo of a buoy.



I was an engineering examiner for the USN and made numerous visits to BIW in the early ‘80s. Tried to get down to that beach whenever I could.

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Is Morse Mtn/Seawall Beach still accessible to the public? I preferred it to the more crowded Popham Beach.

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I use to go to Popham Beach and Reid State Park with my grandparents. Haven’t been there in decades.

Long-time lurker, made an account to answer this.

Seawall Beach is still accessible, most of that land is managed by Bates College as a coastal research area/preserve. There is a parking lot off Rt 216, unlike the old days when you just parked along the road, and when it’s full they close it. In these COVID times that’s been most every day, but that keeps it a great, uncrowded escape to the outdoors in any season.

@Kennebec_Captain, that can (and I do mean that one in particular) brings back some hairy memories.


Popham and Reed are the only two ocean beaches I recall going to as a kid. More or less an annual event with the extended family.

Now I only go in the off-season so, no crowds to speak of.

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