Eat your heart out Rebel_Rider...the latest addition to the c.captain fleet

I’ve noticed buying “speciality” vehicles over the years that most have spent 90% of their time in the yard and arn’t driven much. For a vehicle this is very bad on all the systems. For me first order of business is dump the rad, flush and dump the oil and filter, flush. And put a new carb, fuel filter and pump on(if needed, sounds like it could us one if it was lagging on hills). Then the brakes, lines also rad/heater hoses. Personally I’d put an Elderbrock carb on it. Asap.

*** DO NOT PUT ANY “CARB CLEANER OR SEAFOAM” IN IT, I only use marvel mystery oil in the fuel in small amounts. The 2 times I have used seafoam/carb cleaner on old motors it trashed the valve guides.

Get the coveralls on and have fun wrenchin!

I’ve been eyeballin a old CJ5 down the street for a week now. It was $3k now 2K…i need to go talk to the guy before somebody gets it for 1K… no top so it’s a summer jeep. I wonder if I could get 2 yaks on it??

I presume you are on top of this, but just incase:

Would be a nice addition to your fleet C.Captain