East Coast Survey Work

When will the first survey boats begin their long tedious work off the east coast? Will they be U.S. Flagged vessels? Any support vessels. Which ports will they work out of. Will it be seasonal work or year round. I can hardly contain my excitement for the prospect of more blue and brow water work for our U.S. Merchant Marine fleet.

No, enviro-freaks will fight it tooth and nail. You won’t see it happen until the GOM dries up.

[QUOTE=z-drive;142585]No, enviro-freaks will fight it tooth and nail. You won’t see it happen until the GOM dries up.[/QUOTE]

I could be wrong but I thought there was an article on here a few weeks back that addressed permits being issued for seismic activity on the East Coast. It was also noted that rep’s from various eastern towns visited with the Fourchon Port Commission on different aspects of building and operation a port.

I am fine with the eco-nazi’s not wanting any oil activity taking place on the east coast. I think in return their cars should be repossessed and any products produced by oil or oil by products would be against the law for them to use. We can wish can’t we?

Yeah, but these are the same people that have stalled wind developments for years, both at sea, AND on land. They also have very deep pockets. And everyone of them knows you can’t seismic because it hurts whales and dolphins. And all the migratory sea birds just can’t handle choppers. I’d love to see it happen but…GOOD LUCK.

For example: http://www.wcvb.com/news/piping-plovers-cancel-duxbury-beach-party-for-second-straight-year/26583444#!bG5TZJ

If you read the NTM’s and the locals u would see they have started surveying already and the first foreign boats were there about 6 months ago.

Sen. Robert Menendez (D) of New Jersey called BOEM’s decision to allow seismic testing “another handout for Big Oil.” “Not only will the use of sonic cannons stress whales, turtles, and fish already under pressure from climate change, but this puts us one step closer to oil and gas drilling in this area,” Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D) of Rhode Island said in a statement last week, adding that the potential benefit of drilling “doesn’t seem worth putting our oceans and coasts at risk.”

“The Mid-Atlantic is just too environmentally sensitive for drilling,” Sen. Ben Cardin (D) of Maryland said in a statement following BOEM’s announcement last week. “I urge the Administration to reconsider its plans to allow this testing which will only serve to harm Maryland’s coastal communities and the natural resources which drive our economy.”

So two “economic” stimulating job creating democrats don’t even want if! LolZ! Bozos! Goooooooood luck.

Once again, I think it would be great especially if they chose to employ a few token mariners with local knowledge. I imagine a rude awakening of pee-pee slapping a when joe boss messes with certain vendors (longshore) and organizations…like trying to bypass a pilot organization. Oh the hilarity that would ensue.

Any examples of the NTM’s? Haven’t seen any in my neck of the woods.

[QUOTE=z-drive;142706]Any examples of the NTM’s? Haven’t seen any in my neck of the woods.[/QUOTE]

I saw a couple of mentions of surveys off the coast of Virginia and North Carolina in April - May timeframe of District 7 and 8. I also saw it in the NTM for the same time.

That’s was for Bird Killers, aka Wind Energy.

[QUOTE=Pilot;142720]That’s was for Bird Killers, aka Wind Energy.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for the clarification.

It’s on like donkey kong! The Carolina’s and Virginia will play ball I bet. Georgia too. Strict regulations. Controlled run off. It’ll still be more than profitable . Put some wind turbines on those big platforms to.

Ya lets get this going! The east coast ports would be booming.