Dunlap towing

Anyone got any info on Dunlap towing, if work is steady and the company has a good culture?

I know some people there…definately one of the better companies from what i have heard as far as equipment and pay. Long rotations, paid ato…union…a lot of their work is in alaska therefore seasonal, so they do lay off sometimes.

Is it like a 45-45 rotation or longer if you know?

I know their boats that stay in the sound do 14/14‚Ķfrom what it sounds like their offshore boats are 70/70 or thereabouts‚Ķfrom what i‚Äôve heard it sounds most of their rotations are ‚Äėflexible.‚Äô Because it slows down during winter you are hustlin‚Äô otherwise.


Good company. A few really nice newer boats. MMP and IBU. They do most of Alaska Marine Lines Western Alaska work, and some of the Hawaii work. Ship docking in Dutch Harbor and a variety of Puget Sound work, including log towing.