Duck Boat Safety Act

As was recently noted in another topic, while the NTSB’s recommendations are generally embraced and implemented by the FAA, the USCG takes economic affect into account and does far less in terms of regulatory changes.

Here is one action that may become law, despite the USCG:

Quick Summary

Senate Bill Advances

The need for these has been addressed in several other topics on this site.


I was initially concerned reading the summary about PFDs being worn on the water, but reading the Bill text I see they will require both that the roof canopy be removed or replaced so it doesn’t hinder vertical or horizontal exit, and that seat belts be verified to be unbuckled on the water.

Whether one feels the USCG should have taken action (even accounting for economic impact), I find it both surprising and encouraging that the Senate actually is (albeit sloooowly, a year and half after the bill was introduced).