NTSB: Coast Guard failed to adopt key safety rules for duck boats


Isn’t it about time to stop with these duck boats tours on large water altogether? They are per definition unsafe contraptions despite new safety rulings.

It all depends on how hard the DUKW Operators push the hierarchy. Unfortunately the “M” side of the USCG always capitulates when enough members of Congress are tickled with donations from industry lobbyists and their phones ring instead of focusing on closing the loopholes and making safety paramount over profits.

The unredacted NTSB investigation into the fire on the Conception SAVAGES the USCG and their system for approving design and upgrades in addition to their lax supervision of charter manniing. I don’t expect much change because raising prices to cover needed safety additions and more personnel causes industry to cry poverty, slip some money in someone’s pocket and the COMDT will announce lip service changes hailed as major solutions and change. Unfortunately, the only product of this incredible change will be stop gaps until the next “tragic” event where the same outcome and stop gaps will be heralded, AGAIN.

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Do you consider Table Rock Lake “large water”? I think it is only about a mile wide at the most. Most duck boat tours are already in fairly protected waters. I was very surprised that Capt. McKee wasn’t able to drive the Branson boat into the mud when he realized he had a problem. He wasn’t but shouting distance to the shore at that point.

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How large is large water? One mile can be large water for these vehicles which are nothing but bathtubs without any buoyancy chambers or other watertight compartments to keep them afloat when fully loaded with people. They have no freeboard and during WWII most DUKWs lost were from flooding. Time to revoke the COIs on these things apart from those operating in protected areas such as canals as shown below.

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The USCG is not going to make this decision unless someone holds a gun to their heads.

They are so in bed with industry it is embarassing.

Disagree, I think USCG wants them to just go away. Legalities and lawyers keep them operating.

It is called OVERSIGHT, from Congress.

That is where most of their safety guidance comes from, NOT the NTSB. That would be way too logical AND proactive.

Losing lives is quickly forgotten. Bankrolls for campaigns are not. Neither are high paying safety jobs after retirement. Witness ABS.

I rest my case your honor. I’ll be by the pool having cocktails. NURSE!

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