Drilling off the Coast of Virginia?


I know there has been a lot of talk about drilling for oil/gas off the coast of Virginia. Do any of you guys that work in the industry have any info on if this is just talk or truth? If this does happen it would open up a lot of jobs to support it.


I would love to think it is true!


I’d like to think that Virginia is more accepting of petroleum prospecting than California, but I wouldn’t bet on it. The East Coast has gotten about as bad as the left coast. Liberals, tree-huggers and enviro-nazis…oh my!

Let’s hope it happens. It sure would open up a lot of jobs.



I just heard some small talk about this. I doubt the current administration will allow it, but who knows?? You would think they would want it happen to make a lot of new jobs to help with the high unemployment numbers. But then again they all have jobs and don’t seem to really care.:confused:


I think you will have to get the current adminisration out of office in Washington and the administration out of office in Va. before they would even begin to talk about it. Then it would take alot of exploration, surveys and such, then they would have to build rigs to work over there. I mean I would think it would be atleast 10 years before they started drilling, if they started planning today. I dont look for it anytime in the near future! It would certainly make for a shorter trip for me every two weeks, Im all for it!


Maybe they’ll drill on Windmill Bar or Dameron’s Marsh. Hell, you could SWIM to work…or if it got cold enough, you could walk!