Draken and Tall Ships Challenge 2016

$400,000 to drive a wooden yacht in the great lakes DOH?
or $400 per hour,

[QUOTE=Lee Shore;187215]I say let the wild drunken Viking louts go free of charge by themselves. They probably won’t be able to follow the treacherous channel. When they run aground, we impound the vessel and turn it into a tourist attraction with Disney providing the costumes for the actors portraying authentic Vikings. The original crew would be deported of course as they have no work visas. Replace Gordon Lightfoot with Bieber as a nod to the Canadian side of the waterway. Ombugge could be hired as foreign consultant to prevent him from crying foul. It’s a one in a life time opportunity to punish the pesky Nordics for their superiority complex and lack of navigational skills.[/QUOTE]

Good idea, right in the American way; make everything into a fake attraction for the uninformed masses.
I accept the job as Foreign Consultant. (What don’t we do in these crisis times)

I think USCG is out to punish Norwegians ability to build and operate ships without asking them for permission first. How else can they come to the conclusion that an open Viking ship, manned by unpaid volunteers and managed by a not for profit organization of more volunteers, to be a commercial vessel:

In mid July 2016 doubts were raised about the ship’s ability to visit US destinations in the Great Lakes. [B]The U.S. Coast Guard deemed it a commercial vessel, requiring a pilot.[/B] The total cost of piloting was estimated at $400,000.

Or maybe they are all of Hispanic origin and want to protect the false impression that Columbus was the first European in the Americas? Come on, he had access to the Viking maps that showed land to the north and tried to reach India by sailing south of it.
He obviously though he had succeeded, but didn’t know what real Indians looked like, or having checked the Viking description of the people they had encountered in the land to the north.

[QUOTE=ombugge;187204]Sorry about misspelling, it shall never happen again. (To me or anyone else on this forum)
My excuse is; it was earl morning and I was in a hurry.

As for the building method of this vessel I know nothing, but I’ll try to Google it when I get home.
If it could be “one plank per tree” would depend on the size of tree and plank I would think.
Remember Norway spend more on protecting the rain forest then anybody else, at least per capita.[/QUOTE]

I couldn’t find anything about the number or size of trees that were used to build this one, but I did find an article (in Norwegian) about the planning and execution of the building project: https://www.seilas.no/innhold/seilbater-og-utstyr/?article_id=12697
Hopefully Google translate will be able to handle this reasonably well.

There is also a wikipedia page in English, but this is less detailed: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dragon_Harald_Fairhair

I know that for the smaller ships/boats they do search the forest for trees that has the right shape for the the frames, as well as the stem and stern.

Here are the builders, hard at work in 2-week shift: http://www.tu.no/artikler/industri-bygger-verdens-storste-vikingskip/236793

There must be a compromise solution to this. Maybe if the crew agreed to give the tours of their ship for free upon arrival instead of charging, they could be reclassified as a pleasure craft as this has been cited as an issue. As for the length, isn’t it within inches either side of 35m? As suggested at the beginning of the thread, the pilots could help by riding pro-bono.
The ship’s operators may have come up short by not contacting US as well as Canadian authorities about the fees so that’s on them but they’ve come a long way. It seems pretty harsh to deny them participation in the festivities and to deny the public the educational opportunity at this late date.

From Draken’s Facebook page:
Draken’s arrival to Tall Ship Celebration: Bay City is delayed due to her responding to a distress call yesterday evening. Draken was the closest vessel to a may day call 8 nautical miles south of their position at 9.15pm last night.
Of course the crew used all their resources, infra red camera and rescue trained crew in the search for the ones in distress. The mission was called off by the coast guard at 11.15pm.
There is not ever a hesitation to respond to a distress call, but it will of course have an impact to their estimated arrival time to Bay City. At the time the rescue mission was called off, Draken was 4 hour behind schedule. Estimated arrival is now 9PM today.
Sons of Norway started a fundraiser to help us cover the pilot fees in the Great Lakes. We have chosen their initiative to be the official one, and we are so grateful and overwhelmed over all the people wanting to help us to be able to sail and visit the port of the Great Lakes! Thank you! Help us sail again!

[QUOTE=LI_Domer;187184]From what I hear in the media they are all rapists and plunderers and they will raid our villages.[/QUOTE]
And some, I assume, are good people.

Latest news on the Draken Harald Haarfagre, which is now in layup, like so many other Norwegian vessels: http://www.drakenexpeditionamerica.com/news/
What will be her faith this year?


Yes if you got your wish. luckily you are not to be taken serious.


those are alot of pointy sticks there in that boat…

does this mean Norway surrenders it sovereignty or are they just planning to make the world’s record smore?

No they are NOT coming to get you, or take your jobs:

Up Helly Aa, Shetland. (Photo by Andy Buchanan, APF)

Just thought you might enjoy a few of the Googlemanglisms that occurred during translation. Alas, poor Harald Fair Hair might be spinning in his grave:

"Harald Hårfagre - a sea-going dragon ship

The Dragon Harald Hair Frogs shall have the same qualities as Ormen Lange. It will be a dragon ship that combines the seagoing ship’s good sailing characteristics with the warship’s use of veins."
Aside from Harald’s new cognomen, the translation is of amazing quality, coming from Google translate and all.
But Harald’s problems are not over yet.
“The Dragon Harald Hair Tractors will catch the most of the shipping technology…” Not having any grasp of Norwegian at all, I am left to wonder whether Harald’s hair changing from frogs to tractors was the result of a typo in the original, or whimsy or straight Demonic possession during translation.
“The construction of Draken Harald Hair Fagre…” Since Fagre isn’t even an English word, I’m gonna have to go with the Demons. That seems more Viking anyway.